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Mortgage calculator
A quick and easy way to calculate your mortgage payments.

Company car and fuel benefit-in-kind
Work out the taxable benefit on your company car.

Loan calculator
Work out your interest and fixed monthly repayments.

APR calculator
Calculate the annual percentage rate (APR) on your loan.

Calculate the VAT paid or payable.

Want to check your net pay?

Stamp duty land tax calculator
Calculate the stamp duty charged for the purchase of property.

Savings calculator
Calculate the rate at which your savings will grow.

Startup calculator
How much funding you will need to support your new business startup?

Millionaire calculator
Find out how long it will take you to become a millionaire.

Gross profit calculator
Work out your gross profit and gross profit margin.

CIS tax deduction calculator
Calculate CIS Tax Deductions.

Fuel costs calculator
Find out how much you spend on fuel per year.

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